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Auctions - Selling without Selling

Easy Auction Writing Method More Powerful by Not Selling


Hi there,

I hope you're getting good results selling on eBay.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed less results over time. This is because the numbers of sellers keep growing at a dramatic rate. Good for eBay but more competition for us.

This method makes listings stand out and highly attractive to buyers. Like an oasis lures the thirsty.

It's actually very easy.

The first time I did it this way the results were amazing. I was selling an ebook on eBay. Like most other sellers I would get 1 and sometimes 2 bids. Often, no bids at all.

As soon as I changed the title and description the bids shot up to 5-7 each auction. Here's what made the difference...

Nearly all auctions are making the same mistake. But by doing yours differently buyers will buy. Because you'll be helping them buy. It'll be written the way that makes all of us decide to buy.

Selling Without Selling

This 43 page pdf guide explains that when you stop selling results jump up instantly. When you see how it's done you'll understand why.


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You'll be able to read it on your computer screen like an ordinary book. Or print it out. Your choice.

It's in safe pdf file format. This means you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you haven't already got this it's available free on the web. Just go to the Adobe website and download it.