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'The Answer To Perfect eBay Auction Listings'

It's a fact that 90% of eBay sellers don't know how to sell in order to get REAL results.

The professionals know though and that's where I've learn't how to write and sell my items. Just one method gave me 4 times the amount of sales I'd previously made in 6 months.


Here for you are the 37 methods that I've found to produce real results.


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'The 37 Effective Ebay Ad Writing Secrets'
By Ian Stables
Internet Marketer and Ebayer

You'll discover 37 powerful secrets of writing an attractive listing that will compel people to bid on your eBay auction. These are the techniques I've found to work after my long search and testing.

Simply follow the easy instructions and in record time, type result getting auction titles and highly persuasive auction descriptions. Paste them into eBay and wait for the results.

Using just one method will give you results. But the more you use the more you'll get.


Some of what you'll discover...


Email from radio presenter Roy Norry
"I thought I knew it all! Having been a local radio producer/presenter for 23 years I have had a hand in, and listened too many thousands of advertising pitches.

Imagine my amazement to find I actually knew very little. Yet in 15 minutes of reading your e-book I am more enlightened now than with 23 years in the trade."


Free Bonuses

'Compelling Words for Your Auctions'

The ebook of selling words to use to double the appeal of your auctions.

These words are proven to make your auction become more appealing to buyers.

'Selling eBooks on eBay'

Some of what you'll learn

  • You will find out the secrets of having a successful career on eBay by doing nothing but sell E-Books.

  • It will show you how to make 100s every week for no more than 2 hours work a day. Usually less.

  • You will find out when and where to list.

  • You will find out how to attract more customers than most other eBayers.

  • You will find out how to bring back customers again and again.

  • You will find out when to go featured and when to go for a single listing.

  • You will find out when to price low and when to price high.

  • You will find out some secrets even the experienced powersellers don't know.

  • You will find out how to set up everything automatically from delivery to taking care of invoices and feedback.

  • You will find out the secrets of excellent feedback and how to avoid negatives.

  • This is not the usual make money crap.


Are you ready to start writing auctions using the methods that really do work?

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